As the Teaching Pastor of First United Methodist Church of Commerce, Texas, one of Dr. Neal's most important responsibilities is expounding upon the Holy Scriptures. To accomplish this critical task he applies sound linguistic, exegetical, and theological principles in his weekly sermon research and study.

Dr. Neal usually follows the Revised Common Lectionary in an expository manner. This means that his sermons are grounded in one or more of the Biblical passages appointed for each week of the Church year, and that he has, as his primary focus, the analysis, explanation, and application of each scriptural passage to Christian faith and life. Consistent throughout his sermons are the themes of
Grace, Faith, Sanctification, the Means of Grace, and the abiding Real Presence of Jesus in the life of the Church. As a United Methodist, a Wesleyan-Arminian, a Social Progressive, and an Evangelical Anglo-Catholic, Dr. Neal believes that preaching is a means of grace, and his sermons are offered here as just such an expression.

As an ordained United Methodist Elder and as a scholar of the sacraments and the New Testament text, Dr. Neal’s proclamation of the Word has long-focused upon the grace of God offered to us without price in the incarnation, life, teachings, death, resurrection ascension, and continued real presence of Jesus Christ. Dr. Neal is uncompromising in his devotion to the message that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, and that we are called by God to make an active-faith connection with Christ by partaking of the manifold means of grace.